Cityscape Photography: Manila, Philippines

May 14, 2012  •  1 Comment

Almost everyone lives near some form of city – whether it’s a huge urban metropolis, or a smaller town. By nature, a city isn’t necessarily the most beautiful subject to photograph. And therein lies the challenge – taking a man made set of structures, and turning them into something artistic and beautiful.

Cityscape photography is a genre meant to reveal the beauty of the urban city and has become a priceless tool in encouraging conservation and preservation. Taking shots and capturing the beauty of populated places serves to bring the urban areas to life in the public eye.

View of Manila Bay during sunset

View of Manila Bay during sunset

Manila Skyline at Night View at the Manila Harbour at night.

Manila Downtown view at night

Manila Downtown

Baguio Cityscape "The Last Light"

Baguio Cityscape "The Last Light"

Mall of Asia after Sunset

Mall of Asia after sunset

Colorful city of Baguio

Colorful city of Baguio

Makati Skyline Makati Skyline

Manila Bay View at night. Manila Bay View at Night.


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Hi Arj, very, very nice pics from Manila at night!!! I like these kind of pics.
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