Macro Photography: Featuring Elongated Blue Tiger Beetle (Neocollyris arnoldi) and more

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Fire-Colored Beetles (family: Pyrochroidae)

Elongated Blue Tiger Beetle during secretions (Family: Carabidae; Genus: Neocollyris sp.)

After some research to figure what kind of bug is this or even more so the species, I finally figured it out it is a Tiger Beetle.

Based on my research, this Beetle, a new subspecies of Neocollyris arnoldi (Macleay, 1825) that usually inhabits mountain rainforest.  This long necked ground beetle from the family of Carabidae has a metallic color all over its body including the eyes and the leg which were red at the femur.

Commonly known as Bombardier beetles, which are most notable for the defense mechanism. When disturbed, the beetle ejects a noxious chemical spray in a rapid burst of pulses from special glands in its abdomen you can see on my photo above. These secretions are mixed with compounds and ejected by a small combustion, producing a loud popping sound and a cloud of hot and acrid gas which can injure small mammals like shrews, and can kill invertebrate.


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