Arj Muñoz is a Filipino contemporary travel photographer based in the Philippines. A seasoned and skilled web designer and developer, Arj naturally turned to photography, and its art and science of making websites look more attractive and captivating to audiences. During the past decade, he devoted his time in pursuit of photography as his passion, maintaining several websites that feature his photography collections. Arj also coaches business professionals and entrepreneurs who have found a special interest in photography.

His professional career in photography started in early 2004 when he was taken under the wing of his old friend, GD - a renowned German-Australian photographer who organised and conducted international travel photography workshops in the Philippines and abroad, along with the various commercial photography jobs. Arj worked with him for several of years as his assistant, learning some tricks of the trade in the process and developing his own style, skills and art.

In 2014, Arj published his first coffee table book "My Point of View" - a travel photography book consisting of people, culture and nature shots taken from different countries in Asia, particularly the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, along with some of his personally selected macro photography shots. In 2019, he published another coffee table book covering south to north of "Vietnam - A Photographic Journey Through the Land of the Ascending Dragon" together with his other photographer friends.

For booking professional photography seminars, coaching sessions and opportunities for collaborative work, you may reach him at [email protected].